Weaving together insights from clinical practice, scholarship, research, and personal experience

The goal of the Healthy Horizons Symposium is to begin to tell a new story about science, medicine, and healing. There are many chapters unfolding in this new story. So, we’re bringing together a variety of presenters from different perspectives, including classical Chinese medicine scholarship and practice, biofield science, and consciousness studies. These perspectives are not mutually exclusive, and many of our presenters cross over between categories. Most of the presentations will have a practical and/or experiential component. Continuing education credit (CEUs) will be available for all presentations, whether you attend them live or watch the recordings afterward. 

One of the central organizing principles of the Healthy Horizons Symposium is that we need to move beyond a merely reductionistic and materialistic view of the universe to one of holism and complexity. Classical Chinese medicine has so much to offer to this endeavor. The topic of consciousness is woven throughout the event because both biofield science and classical Chinese medicine recognize the central role of the mind in health and healing. However, rather than focusing on disease treatment protocols, the practical presentations will largely focus on the use of classical Chinese medicine and biofield therapies for psychospiritual development and transformation. 

While the event is primarily targeted at licensed acupuncturists and other healthcare professionals who apply the principles of Chinese medicine in their practice, we welcome members of the biofield science and consciousness studies communities who have an interest in East Asian healing modalities and philosophy. We believe that there is much for the Chinese medicine community to learn from the exciting research being done in the biofield science community over the past 20 years. We also think there is just as much for the biofield science community to learn from scholars and practitioners of classical Chinese medicine.

Experienced clinicians will reveal how to:

  • Use the eight extraordinary vessels to resolve trauma
  • Use heart rate variability to optimize acupuncture treatments
  • Use sound healing and pulsed electromagnetic field stimulation from a Chinese medicine perspective
  • Apply the insights of integral theory in the practice of Chinese medicine
  • Enhance your clinical results with feng shui inspired design of your treatment space
  • Teach Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to your patients to help resolve the underlying emotional cause of their illnesses
  • Apply techniques to promote coherence within the body and alignment with the Tao
  • Harmonize the five elements using archetypal visualizations, healing tones, and electroacupuncture
  • Use a Daoist acupuncture protocol to harmonize the subconscious and emotional mind of the patient
  • Use classical herbal formulas to align with the healing power of the biofield 

Biofield scientists will share their insights about: 

  • The bioelectric aspects of physiology
  • Modern technologies that objectively measure and image the human biofield
  • Electrophysiology of acupuncture points and channels
  • Water imprinted with healing frequencies
  • Human perception of subtle energies
  • The relationship between quantum physics, consciousness, and the biofield
  • How complexity science and research on the interstitium come together to help understand the amazing healing power of acupuncture

Scholars of the classical Chinese medical and philosophical literature will explore:

  • The multidimensional holographic nature of reality
  • The nature of the resonant universe
  • The ancient biofield paradigm of Chinese medicine
  • How the ancient physicians originally mapped the channel system

Can you feel the paradigm begin to shift?  We hope so, because you are part of it!

See you online December 1st to 3rd, 2023

Lorne Brown and Todd Luger
Event Co-Chairs