A Ring Without End: Navigating the Channel System in 內 經Nei Jing and 難經Nan Jing – Distance

Zev Rosenberg · November 26, 2023

In this seminar presentation, Z’ev Rosenberg L. Ac. and Stephen Cowan M.D. will present the fruits of their research into channel theory in the Su Wen, Ling Shu and particularly the Nan Jing. In essence, they will be providing their own commentary, observations, and clinical cases, bringing these teachings into here and now 21st Century expression and relevance. They will focus on the Chinese concepts of tu/ mapping and circulation as in Ling Shu 12 (The Conduit/Stream Waters), where it is revealed that the channels of communication in the human organism were mapped out according to the resonance with the location and flow of rivers, streams, and other bodies of water. This provides a powerful and unique perspective that distinguishes Chinese medical anatomy and physiology from its Western biomedical counterparts. They will discuss the channel system and its physiological couples (zang/fu, xue/qi, ying/wei, jing/shen) from the perspective of different body/mind maps based on original sources in the Han dynasty classics and discuss modern applications of this knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the implications and utilization of Nanjing eco-bio-mapping in practice.
  2. Understand the holographic meanings of “circulation” liu tong and ying zhou in the Nanjing classic of difficulties.
  3. Applications of the principles of Nanjing circulation in practice.

HHS 2024 On Demand (37.5 CEU)