Consciousness Medicine: The Interplay between Mind, Matter, Energy, and Experience and Their Role in Health and Healing

Jill Blakeway · September 25, 2023

This lecture delves into the profound intersections of consciousness, philosophy, and holistic health. It challenges conventional anthropocentrism by exploring the relationship between Taoism and Biocentrism, philosophies that underscore the commonalities in all life forms. By understanding life as a complex web of interdependencies, we examine how the well-being of one entity can ripple across ecosystems.

Furthermore, students will investigate the Human Biofield and its interrelation with Qi, exploring scientific and holistic perspectives. This exploration will encompass the biofield’s role as a coherent information system with the potential to influence physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual change.

We will also explore the Mind-Body-Energy Connection, delving into how emotional experiences become embodied and the profound impact stored pain has on health. Through engaging case studies and practical exercises, participants will learn techniques to promote coherence within the body and alignment with the Tao while fostering deep emotional and physical healing.

This course offers a unique opportunity to bridge philosophy, spirituality, science, and healing, paving the way for a more comprehensive understanding of health and well-being.

Course Objectives:

  1. Explore Taoism as a biocentric philosophy
  2. Analyze the Human Biofield and its Relationship with Qi
  3. Examine the Mind-Body-Energy Connection
  4. Understanding Expanded States
  5. Apply Knowledge to Health and Healing Practices

Course Information