Daoist Cosmology: The Spiritual Science – Distance

Rory Hiltbrand · October 11, 2023

This presentation will highlight the often neglected Daoist Cosmology at the heart of Chinese Medicine. By elucidating the multidimensional holographic nature of reality, we can have greater insights and influence into its manifestations. We will explore the perspective of the Taiji Symbol as a torus, the geometric nature of Heaven and Earth, and the emergence of the imperial and ministerial fires from that underlying geometry. This course will bring to light fresh insights regarding the nature of consciousness and reality from the Dong Han Daoist Clan. We will discuss the Dong Han perspective of the ministerial fire as the electromagnetic qi of consciousness, the subsequent role of the SanJiao, and the manifestation of the 6 qi of pure consciousness into 5 elemental form.

Grounding this Daoist Theory into practical clinical practice, the course will close with the Dong Han treatment protocol for harmonizing the ministerial and imperial fires, which in turn harmonizes the subconscious and emotional mind of the patient. This protocol is termed the “new four gates” by the Dong Han clan. As the original four gates prescription was created at a time when malnutrition and poor hygiene were the primary pathogenic influences, the Dong Han contemporary four gates is an indispensable clinical tool at a time when mental and emotional disharmony is of primary concern. Pairing the theory with practice allows for a more tangible and digestible take away of the curriculum.

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn the fundamentals of Dong Han Daoist Cosmology and Numerology
  2. Understand the geometric nature of Heaven vs Earth.
  3. Demystify the Imperial vs Ministerial Fires.
  4. Learn to harmonize Shaoyin and Shaoyang through Dong Han Daoist protocol.

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