Going Conventional: Some Recent Experiments in Storing and Scaling Healing – Distance

Bill Bengston · October 11, 2023

Bill Bengston is a well-known researcher and energy healer who has been investigating and teaching a method he developed for many years. In recent years, his attention has been very focused on how to make the healing energy associated with his hands-on method available to the vast number of those suffering around the world whose numbers far exceed the numbers of those who would ever be able to administer the technique manually. Two conditions must occur in order to move energy healing into the mainstream: healing must move from one-on-one applications (healer/healee) and be made both storable and scalable. There are innumerable experiments demonstrating the storability component using both organic and inorganic materials, including water, but the scalability of healing has remained somewhat elusive. This talk will briefly summarize some experimental work on storability, and then transition to questions of scalability. During this presentation, you will learn about some astounding peer-reviewed research using water imprinted with healing energy to improve the outcome of hospitalized patients suffering from an infectious respiratory illness.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the difference between storing and scaling.
  • Describe the two methods of storing healing currently under investigation.
  • Discuss the current research arms, pros/cons of each and potential uses.
  • Discuss how these methods compare to hands on healing.
  • Discuss the drawbacks and advantages of the methods in storing/scaling healing being investigated.

HHS 2024 On Demand (37.5 CEU)