Integral Chinese Medicine

Lonny Jarrett · September 25, 2023

Lonny Jarrett’s latest book, Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine, presents Chinese medicine as an integral science of human development. “Integral” means that we strive to practice a medicine that leaves no significant part of the self behind. Thus we awaken to the inner collective, emptiness, luminosity, soul, psyche, spirit, authentic self, ego, super ego, conscience, mind, and have a living and embodied relationship to them. It means we have an evolving appreciation of the forces at work within us, genetic, karmic, cultural, eros, agape and a creative relationship to them. Lonny will outline the key aspects of integral theory emphasizing distinctions between state and stage development, lines of development, typing systems and the four quadrants of human experience and expression. Participants will learn to distinguish between state and stage development, how to assess development in separate lines of the self, the strength and limitations of differing methodologies and the worldspaces they reveal, and how to develop the capacity to identify what dimension of the self is speaking in any moment.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understanding Chinese Medicine as an Integral Science of Human Development.
  2. Be able to discern state from Stage Development.
  3. Understanding Lines of Development
  4. Distinguish between the gross, subtle, and very subtle dimensions of human expression and experience. 

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