Physics, Consciousness, and the Biofield

Menas Kafatos · September 25, 2023

In Chinese medicine, the primary internal causes of disease are mental and emotional. Disturbances in one’s mental state are disturbances in the movement of qi. Extensive research over the past few decades has shown that there is a clear relationship between mental states and health and healing. During the same period of time, a new branch of biological research has been developing. This branch is now generally referred to as biofield science. The findings of biofield science appear to support the ancient Chinese concept of qi. Specifically that there is an energetic aspect of physiology that has a regulatory effect on gene expression and biochemistry. The evidence is growing that these biofields play a key role in the connection between the mind and the physical matter of the body. 

One of the most astounding discoveries of the early quantum physicists was the central role of the observer in the outcomes of their research. The role of the conscious mind appeared to be having a direct impact on what had been previously thought to be an independent external reality. It was once thought that this effect was limited to particle interactions at the quantum level. However, there is now growing evidence that these quantum effects also occur in biological systems. In other words, what the early quantum physicists observed in their laboratories now appears to also be at play within the human body itself. In this presentation, Menas Kafatos will explore the relationship between the nature of consciousness and the human biofield from the perspective of quantum physics with clear implications for a new paradigm of healing. 

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the research showing that consciousness is the fundamental aspect of reality 
  2. Learn about the connection between consciousness and the human biofield 
  3. Learn about the research correlating the concept of the human biofield with the Chinese concept of Qi 
  4. Explore the implications for healing implied by the connection between consciousness and the human biofield

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