Reiki 1 Attunement and Strategies for Incorporating Reiki into Your Practice and Life – Distance

East Phillips · October 11, 2023

Reiki is one of the most widely researched forms of biofield therapy. It has been shown to be highly effective in many studies. Equally important, research on Reiki has played a major role in demonstrating the reality of subtle energies in healing. The subtle energy activated in Reiki is known by the Japanese term Ki. Ki is a direct translation of the Chinese term Qi. In this presentation attendees will gain an understanding of what Reiki is, what it is not and how it can be used as an adjunctive modality in their practices as well as a tool for self-care and personal development. A brief history as well as the various levels of Reiki will be discussed. Attendees whether live or recorded will be attuned to the first level of Reiki often referred to as Reiki Level 1. Reiki Level 1 can be used for self-care and personal development as well as enhancing the efficacy of treatments with patients and/or clients. Lastly some strategies will be shared for effective ways to offer Reiki to patients and/or clients.

Course Objectives:

  • An understanding of what Reiki is, what Reiki is not and how it can be used
  • Attunement to Reiki Level 1
  • Specific ways to incorporate Reiki into a treatment session
  • Specific ways to incorporate Reiki into self care and personal development
  • Specific strategies on offering Reiki to patients and/or clients

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