The Biophysics of Multidimensionality: Five Practical Lessons in Uniting Heaven and Earth – June 2024

Jeremy Pulsifer · March 27, 2024

The idea of Heaven and Earth are not only woven throughout the rich history of East Asian Medicine as a foundational truth. .This central motif also serves as an organizational depiction of this reality (and all of its dependence on the higher vibratory states that construct this densest of worlds in the Multiverse). Through guided meditation and an explicit evocation of Channel Theory, the amalgamation of both ancient and modern will coalesce. Technology and Spirit, ever enmeshed in their tantric embrace, will unveil. By allowing the motherboard of Yin within our physical bodies to attune to the Higher Octaves, greater health outcomes may emerge, and Yang will conjoin within Yin.

In this course, electroacupuncture and connective tissue theory are used as a means of depicting the activation of the body in the physical plane. This Yin-type attunement prepares the consciousness and heart-mind for the reception of Heaven – the upper dimensional inputting that ascends the physical self into a vibrational resonance with the divine. By allowing the physical sub-self to prepare for the encoding of higher vibrational energies, we aspire to the optimal functionality and integration with our highest state of health. A series of lessons will be presented to activate the Five Elements and the acupuncture channels that correspond with them, using archetypal visualizations, healing tones and the modern modality of electroacupuncture to increase the likelihood of best possible outcomes. Between Heaven and Earth, moving through the Five Phases, Essence to Qi to Spirit.

Course Objectives:

  1. The student will learn the importance of electroacupuncture in treatment systems that include more esoteric forms.  
  1. Students will learn the theory of the connective tissue matrix, fascial planes and fibroblast upregulation in order to fully activate the channel system in conjunction with their use of electroacupuncture.
  1. Through guided visualizations and qigong, students will learn point combinations and acupuncture techniques in the traditions of both TCM and Five Element systems to incorporate both electroacupuncture and needle manipulation.

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