The Quantum Way to Upgrade Your Body and Elevate Your Clinical Results

Darren Starwynn · September 25, 2023

This is an experiential class that provides health practitioners with overview and specific methods within a healing system based on accessing a pure state of consciousness referred to as the Quantum field. Application of this system, Quantum Catalyst healing can renew the body and mind in short amounts of time, in a way that is analogous to the clearing effects of rebooting a buggy computer. It has shown high effectiveness in helping clients with difficult, complex or resistant conditions experience positive results after other methods have failed. This modern system is based in Quantum science, and reflects the ancient Taoist roots of Chinese Medicine.

Attendees will gain an overview of this system, discover a set of simple practices to attune to the Quantum field and gain instruction in the specific method called Quantum Block Clearing. The class will conclude with case histories and a discussion of other powerful methods. The instructor will also facilitate a live group experience of Quantum healing.

Course Objectives:

  1. Attune their body to the Quantum Field, which is grounding, centering and raises consciousness. Practicing this method will upgrade the body through the epigenetic pathways.
  2. Use a one minute ritual to create a safe, clear space for any kind of therapeutic session, and that supports elevated clinical results.
  3. Work with the Quantum Block Clearing method, which supports rapid, profound shifts in clients who have felt held back by long-term mental-emotional issues.
  4. Gain an overview of other Quantum Catalyst healing methods

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