Five Flavors Herbs

Five Flavors Herbs is a California-based herbal products company that offers clinically formulated dietary supplements for individuals, clinicians, and retailers worldwide. Grounded in the extensive training and experience of our co-founders, Benjamin Zappin, LAc and Ingrid Bauer, MD, we are endlessly inspired by the healing power of plants, the beauty of the natural world, and the science and traditions that weave the two together.

Our Conceivable ProLine tinctures are specifically formulated to address subclinical disease states that cause infertility, irregular BBT, weak menstrual cycles, irregular ovulation, painful periods, and other women’s health concerns. Designed so that practitioners can mix and match modular formulas to create personalized herbal blends, ProLine makes it far easier to address unique patient needs and phases of the menstrual cycle. Conceivable ProLine is only available through licensed practitioners, so apply for an account today!

Our Herbal Pharmacy is great for practitioners who want to provide their patients customized herbal formulations but do not want to dispense from their own office. Create a practitioner account and we will do the work for you! We offer dropshipping, practitioner markups, and an easy-to-use online platform to manage your patient’s herbal prescriptions. 

Schedule an introductory meeting with founder Benjamin Zappin, and receive $150 in free samples plus 15% off your first wholesale order.

Supporting Practitioners

Whether you stock your own apothecary or are looking for an herbal formula to do the work for you, we serve herbal practitioners and integrative physicians from many backgrounds

Conceivable ProLine

The first modular herbal tincture system for women’s health. Beloved by fertility practitioners nationwide

Proprietary & TCM Formulas

Stock your clinic with our traditional Chinese liquid extract formulas or our unique line of East-West tincture formulas

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