Mira is a smart hormone tracker for women that monitors their key fertility hormones. It offers easy-to-read charts, ovulation predictions, 6-day fertile windows, and ovulation confirmations – all from home.
Our flagship product, the Mira Max Starter Kit, helps women discover their fertile and infertile days by measuring: LH, estrogen (E3G), progesterone (PdG) metabolites, FSH, and soon, hCG.
As a critical part of the solution, the Mira App uses powerful AI technology to analyze hormone test results in real-time, learn the user’s unique hormone patterns, and translate their results into numerical hormone scores with 99% lab-grade accuracy.
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Mira for integrative medicine
Hundreds of integrative medicine practitioners already recommend Mira to their patients alongside blood and other tests, to help them manage irregular cycles and hormonal imbalances as well as conceive (86% success rate) naturally in less than 6 months.
Our at-home, non-invasive hormone tracker enables you to map your patients’ full cycles based on real-time numerical lab-grade hormone data, reliably predict ovulation for those having irregular cycles and hormone imbalances, and supplement blood tests and other hormone tests as you create personalized treatment plans.
Mira in numbers
  • 130,000+ users worldwide
  • Over 89% of Mira users successfully conceive in 4-6 cycles
  • 550+ providers already recommend Mira to their patients
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Community Lecture:

PCOS and Fertility An Integrative Approach to Help Patients Ovulate by Dr. Samina Mitha, Emilee Wayne, Dr. Tara Brandner