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Lonny is recognized worldwide as a leading practitioner, author, scholar and teacher of East Asian medicine. Throughout his career he has been devoted to advancing the practice of this medicine.

Lonny has been practicing Acupuncture and Herbology in Stockbridge, Massachusetts since 1986. He holds Master’s Degrees in Neurobiology (University of Michigan) and Acupuncture (Traditional Acupuncture Institute) and  studied Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis with Dr. Leon Hammer for 10 years.

For thirty five years he has been teaching students about the inner traditions of Chinese medicine. He travels extensively to share his experience and knowledge of:

  • Chinese Pulse Diagnosis
  • Five Element Constitutional Diagnosis
  • The Spirit of the Points and the subtle nature of herbal medicine
  • Treating Trauma
  • Integral Perspectives on Chinese Medicine

In 1997 he started teaching his two year, Clinical Integration course enriching  the field of Chinese medicine by providing integral perspectives rooted in the classical tradition. Over 600 students have participated so far with many taking the class multiple times.

In 1998 he published his first book Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine, which has now become a classic in the field. Equating health and open awareness and illness with habitual functioning, Lonny examines the Chinese notion of destiny as it applies to the practice of East Asian medicine. The text is grounded in the Classics and extends their view into contemporary clinical practice.

In 2003 Lonny published his second book The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine. This work explicates how to achieve the core value system at the heart of Nourishing Destiny in the treatment room. All treatment paradigms are fully elaborated to allow immediate integration into the clinic.

His third book, Deepening Perspectives on Chinese Medicine is in production and expected in April 2021. In this new text Lonny views Chinese medicine through an integral and developmental lens.

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