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Pre-Symposium Panel: The connection between the human biofield, consciousness, and healing

Panelists: Shamini Jain, Prana Gogia, Richard Hammerschlag, Garret Yount

This panel discussion explores the relationship between the human biofield, consciousness, and healing. Research into biofield science is helping to elucidate the mechanisms of classical healing systems like acupuncture, practices like qi gong, and energy healing modalities such as Reiki. A distinguishing characteristic of classical healing systems is the central role of consciousness in the optimization of health and prevention of disease. A panel of distinguished authors, clinicians, and researchers will share their thoughts on how the connection between the mind and the biofield plays a major role in our ability to heal from even the most serious chronic illnesses. They also explore how myth, ritual, and concepts from various spiritual traditions can play an important role in maximizing the benefits of biofield therapies.

Why choose the Healthy Horizons Symposium

When it comes to health, If we only focus on the physical and ignore the metaphysical and spiritual we often find ourselves and our patients struggling to truly experience well-being and happiness.

Learn how to move beyond a merely reductionistic and materialistic view of the universe to one of holism and complexity.

Learn about how the metaphysical and spiritual can have a measurable effect on the physical body, stress, mental health, and some diseases.

3 day online event 
(36 CEU/PDA Available for acupuncturists)

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