Free Webinars

Healthy Horizons Symposium is pleased to announce a free webinar series. In this series of webinars, we will be exploring topics related to the theme of the symposium — Building Bridges between Classical Chinese Medicine, Biofield Science, and Consciousness. We look forward to some thought-provoking conversations.

Making Sense of Bioelectricity

Recorded March 26, 2024

A stimulating webinar exploring the relationship between modern research on bioelectricity and traditional concepts such as qi, prana, and subtle bodies. Todd Luger, the cochair of the Healthy Horizons Symposium, moderated a discussion between Prana Gogia, John Hubacher, and the healthy seminars community. The webinar began with a short video of Dr. Michael Levin on his groundbreaking research into the bioelectrical code of the human body. Prana Gogia and John Hubacher then shared their insights into how various metaphysical traditions might make sense of this research and what it portends for the future.